Despite the subtle performance, the referees marked a turning point in Qatar 2022

Despite the subtle performance, the referees marked a turning point in Qatar 2022

France’s Stephanie Frappart made history by becoming the first referee in a men’s World Cup match.fff photo

Erendera Palma Hernandez

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, December 23, 2022, p. A 10

France’s Stéphanie Frappart was a cut-throat for being included in the arbitration. Of the six whistles set by FIFA for Qatar 2022, only the European led a World Cup match. However, the participation of the other five referees, from the video assistant referee or as squad assistants, made a difference in the development of women as soccer referees.

Frappart is well set up. She and the rest of the girls, some of them less visible, were a new beginning in football history. It was an inclusive message, and now it is imperative for more women to prepare themselves because there will be more (opportunities)said former Mexican governor Lucila Venegas, who officiated the Women’s World Cup and Olympic Games.

In a country where male guardianship still prevails and women face discrimination, Frappart did justice in the duel between Costa Rica and Germany, corresponding to the group stage.

It was the only match led by one of the three centre-half whistles considered by FIFA for this tournament, in addition to the fact that the refereeing trio was made up of women.

The other referees who were also in Qatar, Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan, served as fourth referee in the first-round matches, after he called the tournament.

Although her participation was kept secret, Mexico’s Karen Diaz also made history by being part of the first men’s trophy group squad. Tricolor was an assistant in the match between Costa Rica and Germany and a reserve in three other group stage matches.

It was News Pak, from Brazil, and Kathryn Nesbitt, from the United States, who had the most activity, although they made fewer appearances. Back was also Frappart’s assistant in the women-capped match, and also acted as VAR assistant on four occasions. His name appeared as a reserve assistant in four other matches, including the match for third place between Croatia and Morocco, as well as the group stage match between Mexico and Poland.

American Nesbitt has reached 11 tackles in Qatar by working on VAR in eight matches, being an assistant in one match and a reserve in two others.

It’s like when the wheel was invented, everyone was amazed, and then it became a daily thing. Each of the invited judges gave their best. They did something I couldn’t live by (when I was active), but I’m glad to see Frappart reach for something that seemed so far off. We will definitely see more women (whistling) in the men’s matchesVenegas pointed out.

At the moment, another Mexican woman is starting her journey in the elite football leagues. Women’s World Cup center Katja Etzel García has been selected for Australia and New Zealand and will be accompanied by experienced assistants Karen Diaz, Enidina Caudillo and Sandra Elizabeth Ramirez, who both debuted in 2019.

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