Diane Kruger Reveals Quentin Tarantino Didn’t Want Her In The Movie Because He “Didn’t Believe In Me” And What Made That Change


One of the most memorable roles in the filmography Diane Kruger She is Bridget von Hammersmark, the German actress who helps the resistance in the movie Inglourious Basterds. However, Krueger has revealed in the podcast ‘A Covenant with Josh Smith’ who – which Quentin Tarantino He didn’t want to sign it and made it hard for her to get it:

He didn’t want to test me because he saw a movie I was in and he didn’t like it. He didn’t believe in me from the start. Literally, the only reason he had to test me was because he had no one left to test.

I’ll show him I can do it

Which is that Krueger knew that the director of The Hateful Eight had decided to hire actors whose nationality matched that of the characters to avoid having to resort to strange accents. For example, this allowed him to discover Christoph Waltz, and in Kruger’s case, this resulted in him having to give it a try, but even then it proved that the idea didn’t appeal to him very much:

I had to pay for my flight from New York to Germany because, although obviously American, he wouldn’t see me in the States. I had to go through all these nerve-wracking moments for sure, but I said to myself “You know what, damn it!”. I’ll do it and show him he can do it, and eventually it worked, but sometimes it just seems so unfair and you just have to change the narrative.

Krueger herself, who years later won the Cannes Award for Best Actress for her work in In the Shadow, The following conclusion was drawn From that experience:I think it should have been a lesson to him. Sometimes I’m sure I’m guilty of that too, because of labeling people you know they’ll act one way and then not at all“.

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