Adrián Contreras is preparing his new movie, and it will be a horror movie


Flexibility, commitment and the search for new opportunities are the elements that have characterized his career Adrian Contreras, a member of the Tamaulipa tribe who has shown his talent for 11 years, both inside and outside the republic, in the field of cinematography and will now try to prove himself in the horror genre.

He is currently filming Caníbal, a project that was born with the idea to be a short film, but due to the potential to be developed significantly, he plans to turn it into a medium or feature film.

talking with sun tampico, business manager like chocolate the He kissed me He shares quite a bit of his experience doing this work, his film career in general and the learnings he has left over the years.

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The Texas massacre and Halloween, the inspiration for his new movie

Adrián comments that the inspiration for his current productions comes from classic horror films such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre s “Halloween”. On this occasion, the story presents the life of a married couple who upon their arrival at the hotel discover a dark and mysterious secret.

The cast consists of famous local and national actors such as Juan Jose Vilela, Maro Montesinos, Juan Carlos Tavira, Roberto Fulmouth and Marily Gomez. On the other hand, the crew of “Caníbal” consists of Adrián’s friends who have shown their support at all times. This is the case of Gabriel Lemos, No Herrera Rangel, Pedro Alanis, Ricardo and Luis Hernandez.

One of the difficulties this task force faced was how to tell a psychological horror story. Adrián Contreras has only had one approach to the horror genre, so he must be very meticulous when developing the plot. However, one of the advantages that they had is the lack of an “army” of actors, so many matters are more easily resolved.

Likewise, this experience was a bit tiring as filming started right after closing FICCMA, an event that celebrated its fifth edition last year. “Cannibals” Paused for the time being, with March being the provisional date for business activities to resume.


Speaking a little about his career in general, Adrián remembers a little bit about the opportunities presented to him. One of them was the short film He kissed me Because the work was recorded in the United States, entirely in English. According to the Mexican director, thanks to this work, he was able to discover another talent, way of life, and above all culture.

This “short film” is a work that brought the director a great success, receiving the official selection at the Simply Indie Films Festival. The event, which will take place from February 24-26 in Oklahoma, USA, will feature filmmakers from around the world.

Another experience the director is happy to remember is shooting the short film “the bed”. This work was recorded in the Mexico City Pink, and its most notable feature was the use of a still shot in which the story is told where many interesting characters appear. According to Adrian, this work would not have taken place without the participation of photographer Rosalie Hubble.

In addition to the continuation of Caníbal, the director from Tampico is preparing a second feature film which will initially begin shooting in August of this year. Likewise, Adrián continues to work on the material to develop new stories while preparing everything needed for the next edition of FICCMAWhich will be held at the end of the year and will witness great surprises and guests.

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