Who We Are: New Film Tells The Story of American Racism Amid Increased Attacks on Voting Rights


As the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day this weekend, Democrats’ attempts to pass major new voting rights bills appear to have stalled. We review the new documentary “Who We Are: A History of Racism in America”. The award-winning film is about civil rights attorney Jeffrey Robinson’s struggle against the entrenched legacy of racism toward the black community in the United States, linking examples of this legacy stemming from the United States Constitution, the education system, and the police system. USA “The whole point of this film is to ask people to take a closer look at the true story of white supremacy and racism against the black community,” says Robinson, former deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. “This is something that has really been erased from the everyday narrative and the story of America’s origin.” We also spoke with the film’s directors, Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler.
To learn more about it, check out our conversation with Jeffrey Robinson, Emily Kunstler, and Sarah Kunstler.

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