Diego Bonita seeks to integrate Mexico with Hollywood in his projects: “I want to be able to put my feet on both sides”

Actors: Jonah Feingold (left), Monica Barbaro (centre) and Diego Bonita (right). During the Paramount Forum at Mexico Plus on December 7, 2021 in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Monica Rubalcava

Mexican actor Diego Bonita seeks to take another step in his career and has confirmed that he is interested in producing content in different formats that go against the tradition in which he can unite. The best of Mexico with the best of Hollywood.

“I want to be able to put my feet on both sides, doing projects in the US and Mexico, a bit of hanging out (scattered) between worlds and different types of projects, some commercial, some for festivals. And I want to be a little on everything,” Evie replied in a Paramount Plus presentation forum in Mexico.

The 31-year-old actor presentedat midnight‘, his first movie with his own streaming platform and production company, Three Amigos.

A romantic comedy directed by Jonah Feingold and starring Bonita himself and actress Monica Barbaro which follows the forbidden love story of a successful Hollywood actress with a hotel manager.

As detailed, planning for the movie began between four and five years when it finished
As detailed, planning for the movie began between four and five years when “Luis Miguel, the Serial,” starring The Mexican, finished its first season. (Photo: EFE)

“For me it is a dream, (…) it is very special because it is the first project that we are developing with Three Amigos and it is our dream. There has never been a romantic comedy in Hollywood that I filmed in Mexico.”Bonita admitted.

As detailed, planning for the movie began between four and five years ago when “Luis Miguel Serial”Mexican Championships, finished his first season.

The popularity of the series – which ended this year – meant an uptick in Boneta’s career In addition to an increase in the number of followers around the world, the actor made contact and met people who inspired him to implement their own projects in which they seek to “expand” their global vision of their home country.

For me, it is a great opportunity to show Mexico that has not been seen globally, as we bring together the producers of “La La Land” (2016) and director Michel Franco (“New Order”, 2020), It’s a fusion of the best of both worlds, and we’ve done something that hasn’t been done beforeExpress his chain.

Remembering the popular romantic comedy “Woody Allen’s style” or “Notting Hill” (1999), Diego confirmed that Mexico would play a special role “as another character” in the film with settings such as the Riviera Maya and the city from Mexico.

These spaces will witness history Jessica (Barbaro) and Alejandro (Bonita).

The movie is about to start shooting and there won’t be a release date until 2022. However, the Mexican confirmed that he will have several projects in different formats that he will show with his production company soon.

Paramount Plus in Mexico

(Photo: diego/Instagram)
(Photo: diego/Instagram)

But “In the middle of the night” was not the only show that took place during the meeting, and series such as “Cecilia”, “The Envoys” and “Back Door: There are no te keys”, testify to the work that has been carried out in the country since the arrival of Paramount Plus in Latin America.

In the painting “Cecilia”, the protagonist, Mariana Trevigno, and her companions Cesar Bono, Michelle Brown and Marimar Vega They have thought about the transformation of the comedy genre today and classified it as the closest to reality.

Giving life to a woman, a pillar of the family, said Trevino, who collapsed after being broken You will have to rethink family ties and the pace of life.

Similarly, actors Luis Gerardo Méndez, Irene Azuela and Miguel Rodarte along with Oscar-winning Argentine director Juan José Campanella spoke about their project. “Senders”They emphasized that the series is more than just answering questions that will instill doubts in its viewers.

The series, which deals with issues such as belief with a critical eye, begins on December 12 and follows the mission of two priests who travel to a town in Mexico to discover if what happens there are miracles or if it’s a farce.


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