Documents from a new movie about the difficult situation of migrants who have to wait for asylum procedures in Mexico


San Diego (Limit Report) – A documentary film about to be published about the plight of people waiting as part of Mexico’s immigration protocols program. Was created American Committee for Refugees and ImmigrantsIt has offices all over the world.

José Mozquez is the head of the USCRI office in Mexico. (Riviera Salvador / Frontier Report)

The central character in the movie is Sarah Rodriguez, 27, from Honduras.

Rodríguez and the Habisha Project producers described their frustration when he spent two years in Tijuana and his asylum case pending trial in the US.

“Sarah had one confrontation,” said Jose Mosquez, head of the USCRI office in Mexico.

Mozquez named the movie My day will comeThe special groups will perform in colleges and universities on both sides of the border in the coming days, but will eventually launch in various places.

“The documentary is a way to understand the situation on the ground and raise awareness of the plight of refugees within the framework of the MPP,” Mosquez said.

According to Muskies, the producers want sympathy for refugees and migrants, among many other things.

“MPP is not just three personalities or thousands of people, real human beings with great life, hopes and needs at this moment. We want to raise awareness about the situation and mobilize people to do what they can for misery. Refugees here in the border area.”

Until release, the Documentary trailer It is available and accessible for anyone who wants to see it on YouTube.

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