The HomePod mini appeared in the Evan Blass leak


We continue to have leaks from Evan Blass. In this case, the well-known leak offers us images of a futuristic HomePod mini showing an intriguing circular design. With this nomination The launch of this new version of the HomePod family has also been ‘confirmed’.

Same colors and new design

In the entrance in website Evan Blass has just leaked a futuristic HomePod mini design. This new member of the HomePod family comes in the same colors as the original and A complete redesign of shape and size.

In the absence of a scale indicating the size of the new device and based on its top, where we see a representation of the Siri interface, we can venture, assuming About a third of the size of current HomePods.

We do not know what the technical characteristics of this new device are, but judging by the experience that Apple has developed in the field of audio in recent years, we can place high hopes. As for the pricing for these headphones, according to Mark Gorman on a podcast Appellants We’ll talk about roughly $ 100.

This is how all iPhone 12 models and their black, blue, green, red and white colors look after a leak from Evan Blass

For now, we’ll have to wait for the event to begin at 7:00 PM today to see new details and pricing for these new HomePod mini devices, but the afternoons are clearly going to be a lot more enjoyable than we expected. At Applesfera, we have prepared a live coverage for you so that you are always up to date with all the details.

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