Three Awards Movies You Can Watch On Netflix


About to find out the nominations for 2021 OscarWhich will be announced on March 15th, Netflix It started to heat up the engines. In his catalog, we can find the bets he made this year for the precious little statue which we can summarize in three films: MankAnd the Chicago trial 7 s Mother of the Blues. There are also three proposals we give you for films that were big winners at the time which you will of course find at Netflix.

The Green Book

This movie was taken in 2018 Three Oscars academy: the best movieAnd the Best original text s Best Supporting Actor about Mahershala AliWho plays a role Talented black pianist You need a driver A tour of the southern United States On a concert tour. To do this, Tony hired (Vigo Mortenson), A tough Italian American in need of money and his mission, regardless of leadership, is to preserve The Green Book, A guide to the few establishments in the south of the country where African Americans have been accepted. is being Based on real events By saving distances, it reminds us of another classic style on the big screen: Paseando Miss Daisy.

A wonderful mind

A wonderful mind

In 2001, this movie was produced from Ron Howard (The Da Vinci Code) I got 4 statues golden: the best movieAnd the The best directorAnd the Best Supporting Actress (Jennifer Connelly) s Adapted best screenplay. It tells about the life of student John Forbes Nash (Russell Crowe), a rather lonely boy however Brilliant mathematician He launches a revolutionary theory and gets a professorship at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thanks to his ability to Crack codes, is being He was recruited by a senior official in the Ministry of Defense North American)Ed Harris) To help your country through cold War. With Russell Crowe in shape, the movie was entertained on its way A mixture of romantic and drama excitement Myself.



The same year that The Green Book Alfonso Cuarón Compete in up to 10 classes for Oscar With RomeAnd the A film produced by Netflix. In the end, you won 3 awards: Best Foreign Language FilmAnd the The best director s Best photography. Rome Valuable account Simple, simple and intimate love story In the midst of social and personal turmoil. And excited. In fact, it’s a tribute from the director to the women of his memories. The movie shows us a file The most important moments in the life of an upper middle-class family Who lives in Rome’s neighborhood Mexico City. But above all it is a tribute to Clio (Yalitza Aparicio), The young nanny who takes care of the family she works for as if it were her own. jewel.

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