Doja Cat introduced the “Vegas” theme from the movie “Elvis”.

Doja Cat introduced the “Vegas” theme from the movie “Elvis”.

doja cat He released his new single and melody “Vegas”. The song is part of the original soundtrack to “Elvis: The Movie.” The soundtrack is expected to be released on June 24 in parallel with the new film’s US premiere.

The song is being recreated “dog dog” Singer’s style. Doja debuted this catchy song at Coachella this year. The single also features acclaimed gospel artist Shonka, who plays “Big Mama Thornton” in the film.

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Who is Doja Cat: One of the 10 Most Listened Artists in the World

Doja Cat was 16 years old when she made her way into music with her first songs uploaded to Soundcloud, in 2013. A year later she signed a contract with Kemosabe/RCA and gave her first EP, “Purr!”

With her studies in piano and dance, since she was a girl she has references Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhimes and Eric Badu, among other great artists. His breakthrough came in 2018, with the success of “Mooo!” which has racked up more than 10 million views on YouTube.

It was the TikTok platform that propelled her to worldwide fame, with many of her themes being used for fans to do famous “challenges” on the same social network. March 2019 was the release date of Amala Deluxe album, which included her new song “Very juicy.”

Doja Cat poses for the cameras at the Grammy Awards (Photo: REUTERS/Steve Marcus).to: Reuters

WomenIt is one of the songs with the most copies, with more than 85 million views. The most successful song was the collaboration with The Weeknd on the song “You’re Right” which achieved 148 million views.

Moreover, according to the latest analysis published by the Spotify platform, Doja Cat is among the Top 10 most listened to artists in the world.

In the last hours, new pictures have been released for the Elvis Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. Austin Butler gets into the skin of the King of Rock while Tom Hanks The director is played by Colonel Tom Parker.

According to a statement, the film is based on the singer’s beginnings to his rise to stardom. It also tells of his complicated relationship with his controversial manager and the central role his wife Priscilla played.

Details of the new Elvis trailer

In the segment published in the last hours, you can see one of Elvis’ first presentations at the Louisiana Hayride in 1954. It was his hip movements, appearance, and voice that would affect the audience. The birth of an idol.

The autobiography, starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, shows the complex dynamic between the artist and his agent.

In February the first pictures of the movie An It hits theaters on June 24. Austin Butler admitted that embodying the music legend was a huge challenge. “When I started the process, I proceeded to make my voice match. It instills fear. That lit the fire,” said the actor.

“A year before filming started, I was already doing vocal training. I feel a great responsibility towards Elvis, Priscilla (ex-wife) and Lisa Marie (daughter), as well as everyone who loves him very much.”

Another of the heroes of this story Baz LuhrmannWho played the main role in directing this movie. When asked who sings in the new movie plot, he explained that the film featured the butler voice of young Elvis and a mix of actor with Presley tapes of middle-aged Elvis.

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