Dominican film “Toy aficiao” premieres Friday on HBO Max

Dominican film “Toy aficiao” premieres Friday on HBO Max

Santo Domingo. Dr

“Toy Aficiao” will premiere in the US this coming Friday, April 22nd, on the prestigious cable TV and digital streaming platform HBO Max.

The film was directed by Jose Carlos Vargas Starring Jose Mota Bristol and Zamantha Diaz, it is based on a screenplay by Eudys Cordero for film production company Gems Films.

Toy Aficiao tells the story of two young people separated by social classes. United by a passion for music. Emmanuel is a young man from the neighborhood studying on a scholarship at a prestigious university, with an immense talent for urban music and theater, in that world he meets Elaine, a beautiful upper-class girl, who lives in a prestigious sector of a city. The two towns are separated only by a wall.

The film is a production for the whole family and is based on the musical of the same name, which was preceded by a series of successful presentations in both Santo Domingo and Santiago, with more than five fully booked shows and excellent reviews from the home press.

Executive production was responsible for Cesar Curiel, Maria Isabel Concepcion, Angela Medina, Odes Cordero, and Lorenzo Castro.

Islabrava Media LLP is the company responsible for distribution, and its associated company Islabrava Productions Srl has carried out post-production for the film, which will soon be released in Dominican theaters and in other markets.

The cast consists of Axel Mancilla, Miguel Lindor, Frances Cruz, Giamela Roman, Joe Garris (Alexander Rodriguez), Gaila Piras-Goico, Luis Alberto Perez, Evelyn del Carmen Gonzalez, Marie Gaby Aguilera, Lila Taveras, Raulito Grisanti Rodriguez, Augusto Feria Martínez, Miguel He, Carla C. Angela .

“Toy Aficiao” has a professional crew: produced by Eudys and Massiel Cordero; Director of Photography, Samuel Vargas. Music, Robert Susanna and Virgilio Velez Jr.; director and sound designer Franklin Hernandez; Technical Director, Jane Calcano; Casting Director, Elizabeth Luna; Continuous, Jul Grolon; Acting coach Daniel Aurelio. ed., Bhima Gandica; Mograph and VFX, Justo Haché.

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