Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: How to watch Goku’s new movie | movies | Video | nnda nnlt | sports game

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: How to watch Goku’s new movie |  movies |  Video |  nnda nnlt |  sports game

Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroIt is the fourth film produced with the direct intervention of Akira Toriyama, the original author of the series, and the second in the saga” Dragon Ball Super “. The duration of the new tape is 99 minutes, that is, 1 hour and 39 minutes.

In the twenty-first film of the main epic and the first mainly produced in CG animation, in addition to Goku, characters such as Gohan and Piccolo will gain more fame, and Gotenks, a fusion of Trunks and Goten, will be a special participation.

Originally, it was the premiere of the movie “It was scheduled to take place on April 22, 2021, but was postponed due to the Toei Animation hack. So when will it be available in theaters around the world?

Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 of the androids in the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (Photo: Toei Animation)


“I will premiere this Saturday 11 June In cinemas Japan. Although an exact release date has not been set in Latin America, who have overseas distribution rights, announced that the film can be seen in 2022in its translated version and dubbed in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

An image of a poster circulated on social media announcing that “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero‘ will reach United State The August 19, 2022But it’s not official yet. When will it be released in Latin American countries?

  • “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” release date in Japan: June 11, 2022.

When will “DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO” be available on stream?

As of now, it has not been revealed which streaming platform you will be accessing.”Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“Or when it will happen. But given that Crunchy Roll Having the distribution rights, it will likely hit the streaming platform a few weeks after its official launch.

For now you can enjoy the previous installments of the franchise”Dragon BallOn the following platforms:

  • Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Amazon Prime Video
  • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods – HBO Max
  • Dragon Ball Z – Crunchy Roll

What is the theme of “DRAGON BALL SUPER: SUPER HERO”?

According to the summary he shared Crunchy Rollin “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero“, despite of “The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku, the individuals who persisted in his spirit create the ultimate androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2.

These two androids call themselves “superheroes”. They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan.. What is the goal of the new Red Ribbon Army? In the face of looming danger, it’s time to wake up, super hero!“.

Piccolo fights alongside Gohan in "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" (Photo: Toei Animation)
Piccolo fights alongside Gohan in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (Image: Toei Animation)

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