Sonic Prime, the Netflix animated series, is letting us see more characters in its new previews

Set to premiere in 2022, with 24 chapters by WildBrain Studios.

Sonic lives young again: SEGA’s hedgehog is more fashionable than ever and we’ve been able to check it out with the numbers for Sonic 2: The Movie, an unprecedented success that has already become the highest-grossing video game adaptation in US history. But movies aren’t the only Sonic products we hope to see beyond video games.

The big cat, accompanied by his loyal friend FroggyNetflix, in collaboration with SEGA, is preparing to launch this year’s Sonic Prime, a new Hedgehog animated series with a family approach and many winks for most fans of the franchise. during the event Netflix Geek Week Fans were able to enjoy a first look at each other Characters that will accompany Sonic on his adventures.

We have seen big catAccompanied by his loyal colleague with frogs. Big has always been one of Sonic’s most ridiculed and punished allies in the SEGA world, but over the years, it’s become an internet meme, endearing us to many fans. In the short joke, the huge cat appears alongside Froggy, his best friend.

As we were able to see hedgehog shadow, the archenemy of the blue hedgehog and the “Ultimate Life Form” created by Gerald Robotnik. In video games, SEGA is preparing a new batch of classics with new modes and additions, as well as various co-ops, such as Fall Guys, while we wait for the main course: Sonic Frontiers, the new open-world 3D action game.

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