Easter and Easter movies to watch with kids


Officially today, March 28th, the beginning of Holy Week is celebrated, so that the children are already on vacation, and although in the previous days we have already explained some Plans and Activities And Character What do we do with our kids, we can also take the opportunity to spend an afternoon with home movies. These below, 7 Easter and Easter movies to watch with kids.

7 Easter and Easter movies to watch with kids

The Holy Week It is one of the most emblematic and joyful parties In Spain it is customary to watch blockbuster movies like Los Diez Mandamientos, Espartaco or Ben-Hur, We want Add other titles that you can also see with the kids To spend a family Easter afternoon.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2005 film directed by Tim BurtonIt tells the story of Charlie Packet, a very poor boy who loves chocolate. Charile will embark on a happy ending journey to Mr. Willy Wonka’s amazing chocolate factory. Perfect movie now that we’re at this time of year when kids have already asked you multiple times to buy them a chocolate Easter egg. It is available on Amazon Prime.

Prince of Egypt

Easter movies

This is an animated movie from 1995. Tell the story of little Moses, Which, left in a basket on the Nile, was received by Pharaoh’s wife, and raised in the court of Egypt and befriended Ramses, the appointed heir to the throne. It is available on Amazon Prime.

The origin of the guardians

Easter movies

Animated film 2012 It recounts the adventures of the five “guardians” of children from all over the world: Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Coconut and Jack Frost. It is available on Netflix.

Rabbit School: Keepers of the Golden Egg

Easter movies

An animated movie of 2018. Due to a plane crash, Urban baby bunny Max ends up in a forest, only to find himself in the legendary Easter Bunny School. The protagonist adapts to school life, learning, in addition to discipline, to protect himself from foxes and decorate beautiful eggs to give to humans. It is available on Apple TV.

Jesus, a kingdom without limits

Easter movies

Although this series is somewhat unknown to many, it is an animated series that narrates all stages of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. It is an entity divided into 12 episodes of 26 minutes each, produced by the Italian network, Rai. It is available on YouTube.

Angry birds

Easter movies

The movie (2016) doesn’t tell us about the adventures of fluffy chicks, but rather a bunch of Angry Birds wanting revenge on green pigs (“pigs”). They stole their eggs to eat. To do so, they rush against their enemies to eliminate them. Each of them is powerfully talented. It is available on Netflix.

Easter parade

Easter movies

This is a musical movie from 1948 we can put the kids as they will love it because it is a classic. In this comedy, the acclaimed Fred Esther and Judy Garland are considered the protagonists. Easter Sunday in the United States is the background to the entire plot. It is available on Apple TV.

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