Efrine Alvarez: The soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic praised that Mexico and the United States are fighting

Ephrine Alvarez plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy (Photo: Instagram / efra_26)

The footballer was one of Tata Martino’s surprises on his next call in Austria and his impressive performance caught the eye in the United States.

Ephrin Alvarez was born in Los Angeles, California. His father is originally from Jalisco and his mother is from Zacatecas; He holds dual nationalities and wore colors Two states in smaller divisions.

At the U-17 World Cup 2019 in Brazil, Represented Mexico for second place. However, the United States interested the young footballer and summoned him for a friendly match.

According to the eligibility regulations and the last published update, it is possible to change a union if requested before FIFA.

For a long time, TRI coach, “Martineau’s nanny, Agreed that it has been considered for future calls with Julian Araujo, Partner and advocate for Team Los Angeles. In fact, most of the time his intentions came true Last call, It was considered that Alvarez would play the next two matches in Austria against Wales and Costa Rica.

Efrine Alvarez, with the national U-17 national team in 2019 (Photo: Sergio Morales / Reuters)
Efrine Alvarez, with the national U-17 national team in 2019 (Photo: Sergio Morales / Reuters)

Efraín is a product of LA Galaxy Academy. Where he has played since he was 10 years old. In March 2019 he became the seventh youngest player to sign Professional contract with MLS Club.

The 18-year-old midfielder is a new talk on the Tata roster. However, it can also be taken as a reference for Zlatan Ibrahimovic , The seasoned striker saw him as a player of great potential.

Ephrine Alvarez was Zlatan’s partner During his time at the Los Angeles Galaxy at MLS. He was someone who knew how to inspire him and advise him on specific issues related to food. In the words of the young Mexican striker, he differs from the rest to the point that he excels at training.

“For me, he knows football. There are players who play soccer and players who think about soccer. Alvarez is a player who thinks about soccer and they are the best because the boy who plays is training to play, and those who think they are made to play, that’s the difference. Alvarez is ready. You just need more minutes because that’s what you need now. He’s training with us, he’s dominating the training. ” Ibrahimovic emphasized.

    Evrain celebrates a goal with the galaxy team.  Credits: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Evrain celebrates a goal with the galaxy team. Credits: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of last year, now Milan striker Acknowledge one of the most important tips he can give to a young soccer player During his time at MLS: “You need to lose five kilos before coming back. That’s the only thing. He came back after losing that and was a completely different player.”

In addition, Ephrine himself gave more details about their relationship: “Since the first day I met him, he always wanted to help me. I met him and he started giving me advice. Once you start listening to his advice, you want to learn from him. He knows very well what is needed. Mexican explained.

Efraín has been important since LA Galaxy II. Thanks to this, he won a place in preparing for the season with the first team. After several training sessions, he managed to make his debut in the first division. “I want to keep learning from players like Jonah) Jonathan Dos Santos ), By Geo ( Giovanni dos Santos ) And that they are showing me the way, “he explained in an interview.

Now, the player will share the pitch on Tata Martino’s current call with other MLS players, such as: Rodolfo Pizarro (Inter Miami), Alan Bollido (Sporting KC) and teammate Jonathan Dos Santos.

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