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Eileen Mujica outside of comic quarantine. “

Eileen Mojica This Tuesday he said he was the victim of an alleged outright kidnapping in Mexico City, but the comedian German Ortega, That there are certain contradictions in his statements and that is why Alejandro Joe, Producer Comic isolation He decided not to look at her anymore.

During an interview with the “Sala Al-Sol” program, he said so He was in contact with the famous “moments before the alleged kidnapping.”

“I said this is weird, because he sent me a message at 10 am and what was not true is that he didn’t tell us anything.”

German Ortega

Ortega has been questioning the famous version, ever since She said she did not want to file a complaint.

He also said that to The horror that lived in Mexico American product I offered him a job in Miami.

“I feel sad that we did not treat her badly.”

German Ortega

In place Mujica will be merged Andrea Escalona.

Daniel Bisogno describes his kidnapping as a “mistake”.

Daniel Bisogno referred to the alleged frank kidnapping of Aileen Mujica as a liar, Who said he was the victim of a crime in Mexico To be able to go to work in the United States with a major TV station.

The caller said he has spoken with the work product he will be participating in Mojica He said that It was strange to him that neither his passport nor his cell phone would be withdrawn.

He said he did not want to know anything about the complaints. I don’t want to question your words, but I don’t believe you. The network does not seem fair to me to work with all of his colleagues, with a lot of publicity and investment ”.

Alejandro Joe

Guo explained that He is not interested in getting involved in legal problems with the CubanDespite his resignation from his job and the termination of the contract that he signed.

“El Tenorio continues, thank God, we hold 30%. There is no problem with me. She misses being in comic quarantine.”

German Ortega

How was the alleged kidnapping of Aline Mujica?

Actress and hostess Eileen Mojica In an interview with Telemundo’s Suelta la Sopa, he admitted that He was the victim of an outright kidnapping on his recent visit to Mexico Which was for work reasons.

Narrated Mojika weeping Traumatic experience he lived in Mexico City When a man deprives her of her freedom to steal money from her.

According to his account, Her assailant kept spinning for several hours He visited several ATMs to get the most money possible, in addition to placing a knife between his legs.

While this was happening, all I thought was that at that point “They were going to kill her.”

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