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The sushi, which is a shoe-lined stork, was very well made Beloved In social networks it looks like and behaves like the famous hippogriff from the saga Harry PotterThey are only allowed to approach him if they have previously bowed to him.

Hippogriffs are fictional hybrid creatures, half horse and half griffin in appearance, resembling a winged horse with an eagle’s head and front limbs. In the Harry Book saga, Buckbeak only allows them to approach him if they bow to him first.

Sushi, a huge gray stork, who finds many similarities to a backpacker, lives at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe and was videotaped by amateur photographer Mark Dudley.

You can see in the photos that as soon as people bend over, the sushi returns its bow and allows them to caress it. If someone approaches it without bending over, the stork will fly.

Mark says the beaked stork is so rare that there are only 5,000 people left in the world.

“Like Buckbeak, storks are very large and can cause a lot of damage if they want to, so it is important to observe their ‘rules’ at all times,” he explained.

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