Perla Tapatia routes bring sports life back to life and the excitement of running is renewed.

After being canceled in 2020, The Guadalajara Marathon returns this Sunday Elite athletes announce their readiness to travel the city’s main roads.

The marathon event will not only feature the great athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Spain, Uganda and Peru, but will also include the athletes who recently represented Mexico at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Kenyan Kibrooch curry He will seek to repeat the victory he achieved in 2019 In the latest edition of the Guadalajara Marathon, he will not face an easy test when facing former champions of this competition such as compatriot Rodgers Ondatti (winner in 2016), Mexican Tomas Luna Dominguez (winner of 2013) and Ethiopian Musa Babu Dahab (winner of 2017).

Jose Luis Santana of Jalisco and Jesus Arturo Esparza competed in the last Olympic fair and will now travel the main roads of Guadalajara in the relay mode.

“It was a very great experience in the Olympics. It was a very difficult competition, but it was not impossible. I had a great learning experience, it was a very tactical race and it was the most important event of my life, I really enjoyed it. I have now come to compete here in my country and it helps us.” Much in preparation and training for the following competitions, Jose Luis Santana commented.

The starting shot will be on Sunday at 6:50 a.m. in the Athletes class and soon after the Elite Athletes will start, as well as the Age and Relay classes.

The Minerva Roundabout will be the starting and ending point. Routes such as Vallarta, Lázaro Cárdenas and Mariano Otero will be traveled using the Juan Palomar, Arias, Terranova and López Mateos routes as main returns until reaching the finish line.

As hygiene measures, they will enter heating areas with masks, and before starting, they will put this protection in containers to leave in blocks of 500 lanes. At the finish line they will receive a new mask for the Awards Ceremony.


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