LaLiga Santander: Confidential: Giant Relevent steps in in a bid to acquire TV rights


Relevent Sports Group American giant From the marketing, organization and operation of European football events in Asia and America, he will be one of the participants in the competition for the television rights of La Liga, the distribution of which will be known next week for the five seasons running from 22 to 23. The school year until the 26-27 campaign.

As I learned this newspaper from sources close to the tender to be discovered in the Supreme Council of Sports, in addition to the proposal of Telefnica and Mediapro, that at least will produce Relevent, a company founded in 2013 by Stephen M. Ross, the largest private real estate developer in the US states and owner of Equinox, and the Miami Dolphins football team, and Hard Rock Stadium, the Miami Open tennis tournament, and the Miami Formula 1 Grand prix. It has been marked as the second greatest wealth of sports-related entrepreneurs after China’s Wang Galin (Wanda).

Relevent’s association with Spanish football It is not new, as it is already involved, through a joint venture with LaLiga Norteamrica, to exploit the rights to this competition in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Central America.

Now agreements for America

By agreement, Relevent Sports Group She has been involved in two of LaLiga’s four major television deals outside of Spain: Disney/ESPN in America and Canada; In addition to those of Televisa in Mexico and Central America.

Although not many details are known yet, There is, as noted, a firm intention of the group, if they are the winning bidders, to make it available to all existing communication platforms. Contents under a non-exclusive license. It will also add an OTT service offering, with the goal of enabling every citizen, no matter what phone they’re using, to access LaLiga content. It will be especially significant in terms of size among the younger audience, who usually subscribe to low-cost phones. Last season, only Telefnica and Orange presented the league championship, although their five-year marketing favored more competition.

Ross Corporation, jointly owned by Daniel Silman, the company’s CEO, He is responsible for organizing and marketing the International Champions Cup, the international pre-season tournament that many of the best Spanish teams play every summer in the United States.

According to the CSD Sports Habits SurveyFootball is still by far the most consumed sport by citizens at some point with 21.53 million, 53% of the population.

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