Elon Musk’s plans to reach Mars get complicated


Across SpeceX Elon Musk Much done. Became the first private company to bring astronauts to the International Space Station; Hundreds of satellites have been placed to offer High speed internet; They launched self-guided missiles back to Earth and save millions of dollars. But the real dream of a businessman is to get pregnant Humans to Mars To colonize the red planet, your goal is to face great challenges.

The first tests to get to Mars are done with a The prototype of the missile They, on their first assignments, were full of problems. The most recent example of this is SN9 Whose trips have been rescheduled on several occasions. Even after weeks of delay, SpaceX And face musk Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Last Thursday, SpaceX went through a refueling of the SN9 in preparation for its launch Texas Gulf Coast facilities. But the Federal Aviation Administration did not grant approval for the flight.

Then Musk crossed through his frustration Favorite Social Red: Twitter. “Unlike the aircraft department, which is okay, Dr.FAA Aerospace Division It has a fundamentally disrupted organizational structure. Its bases are designed for a small number of issues that can be disposed of annually from a few government facilities. Under these rules, humanity will never reach Mars. “

In response to Muks’ comment, an FAA spokesperson stated: “We will continue to work with SpaceX for Solve security problems Suspended before approval of the next test flight. “

Although the agency finally granted permission for SN9 to make its maiden flight on Tuesday, February 2, it took the opportunity to remember, through a statement, that the launch SN8The previous missile in this mission, which was launched in December 2020, did not have all the permits from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The above explained the reasons for the differences SpaceX and Musk had with the FAA

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The test failed

After all the troubles it encountered, this SN9 missile finally began its mission this week. However, the second flight of the prototype for Cohete spacecraft Soon it ended in Explosion last Tuesday.

The rocket, which was being developed with the possibility of making trips to Mars, responded very well. for him Launch and lift It happened without a hitch, until it was forced to land It ended with fire.

According to SpaceX, The three-engine missile flew 10 km and locked its three engines in succession as it ascended. It then began to fall long to the ground, as did its predecessor SN8 during a test flight in December.

However, when it came time to perform, SN9 did a job with the intention of orienting itself vertically, and although it seemed like everything was under control, it fell very hard and in a position that caused it to explode due to the impact, as it did with SN8.

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The Federal Aviation Administration announced after the flight that The agency will open and supervise the investigation About SN9 “crash landing”. “Although this was a test unmanned flight, the investigation will identify the root cause of today’s accident and potential opportunities to further enhance safety as the program begins,” a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson said in a statement.

Nevertheless, it has to be said that SpaceX considers the test successful and has announced that it will continue to collect data for future test flights to eventually bring these prototypes into orbit.

“We have to work on this landing,” SpaceX’s John Innsbrucker said during the live broadcast of the flight.

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