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The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has completely changed all the activities we do. With the arrival of the so-called new normal, companies have had to adapt relevant health measures to get back to work little by little.

Contact was one of the main measures that reduced the number of infections healthy distance Under this premise, the car became the safest way to attend events.

This is how classic cars are back, do you know what their origin is? Its history dates back to 1928, when chemical entrepreneur Richard M. Hollingshead began planning a new business: a cinema where you could go with your car and also, advertise the range of lubricants owned by the businessman’s family.

Legend has it that one of the reasons Hollingside set up his new company was his mother’s obesity, who could no longer go to theaters due to her weight. In response, your son came up with a brilliant idea. If you don’t go to the movies, let the movies come to you.

More than 90 years later, this way of entertainment is still in force and taking hold during the pandemic, not only for viewing movies, but also for enjoying other types of shows from the comfort of your car.

In Mexico City and other countries, there drive in wolf, dedicated to showing classic films. For its part in Acapulco, it has opened a space to receive residents and port visitors with a maximum capacity of 300 cars per function, for the convenience and excellent appreciation of the people.

And it is not only about cinema, but you can also try other types of shows or activities:

In different venues, a variety of events such as theater, stand-up, concerts or performances for the little ones are offered. You can also enjoy the ecstasy of fighting; Since AAA has joined this trend of “automatic events” with its own suggestion, which will have you screaming in excitement, 2 out of 3 drops with no time limit. Even during December 2020, another proposal also appeared, which is Self Service Museum And yes, you can see and tour the exhibits too on your car.

These are some of the many options in terms of shows that you can watch from your car; Just choose the one you like best and go out and have fun.

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