The perfect host movie reaches the US audience


Miami. – After opening in theaters in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago, perfect host Reaching audiences in the US with the Spanish language platform Pantaya, starting December 10.

production is Thriller Starring a stellar cast that includes Puerto Ricans Pedro Cabo, Luis Roberto Guzman, Laura Aleman, Mexicans Sandra Echevarria and Alejandra Espinosa, the latter made her film debut.

The film tells the story of three friends who travel together to Puerto Rico in search of an idyllic Caribbean island vacation. Upon arriving at the destination, Clara (Sandra Echevarria), Monica (Laura Alemán) and Lorena (Alejandra Espinosa) are greeted by the handsome and bachelor Host The house they rented, Angel (Pedro Capo). But the journey–which promises to be quite an adventure–takes a different turn when Clara is interested in learning more about the case of the disappearance of a teen named Anita, forgotten by the police department and Hector, a drunken neighbor with a man. A violent date he had a passion for watching girls from his window.

On the other hand, Monica faces her emotional problems with a relationship with a man much older than her; While Lorena focuses on her single priority to have a good time. The plot intensifies when Clara begins to investigate what is happening on the island.


perfect host It was directed by Ariel Anxy LaBolt, written by Joaquín Casasola and produced by Spanglish Movies, in association with production company Producciones Cabeza.

The film’s soundtrack was responsible for David Rodríguez Labault better known by his stage name Sie7e.

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