ESLAND: Rivers is this year’s muse for Juan Guarnizo

ESLAND: Rivers is this year’s muse for Juan Guarnizo

John Guarnizo He addressed several topics in his live broadcast on October 27. The ESLAND Awards He can’t miss them for several obvious reasons. He got into the controversy with Rubius and Oron, of course, but he also wanted to talk about two of his colleagues: Almariana s rivers. For a Colombian, a Mexican is streamer inspiration year without discussion.

The Latin American creator was talking to his chatter about how he contacted him TheGrefg to appear in the announcement of the unveiling of the second edition of ESLAND. Murcian wanted all of his and arigameplays appear immediately. Juan gladly agreed, but put the names of the marianas and rivers on the table.

The first is streamer Biggest Mexican I can’t miss the date if a promotional ad is to be shot. Just like rivers. “For me, with a big difference, it is streamer general inspiration“.

Mexican play figures in favor of Juan’s opinion. rivers are secondly streamer most watched In the world, it is second only to Amoranth. In the third quarter of 2022, accumulate 4.85 million hours watched.

After Joanne’s request, it appears that Grefg Didn’t think much Mexicans were included in the video. And so we can see the four creators throw one of the ESLAND Awards into their living room.

Juan also asserts that he did not know in Mexico City the location of the concert until it was announced. The ESLAND Awards will take place in January 2023finally in Mexico City, but also talking about other options such as Monterrey or Guadalajara.

The social communication He is currently voting in the various ESLAND categories to select candidates. It is very likely that Rivers will be among the candidates streamer inspiration. We wouldn’t even be surprised to see her in another category. We will wait for the nominees to become official.

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