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Iconic actress Carmen Salinas continues to be admitted to a hospital in the Rome neighborhood of Mexico City, after suffering a brain haemorrhage on November 11, which sent her into a natural coma.

Many artists have expressed concern about the health of “Carmelita” and have given their support in various ways to the family of the 82-year-old actress.

One of them was comedian Eugenio Derbez, who expressed his intention to help the family so that Carmen Salinas’ condition improved, considering her almost like a mother.

During the presentation of the third season of “LOL”, to watch Comedy produced by Derbez, The actor talked about his relationship with “Carmelita” with whom he worked on several occasions and who had great affection towards her.

“I’ve always loved her and always been close to her, but I had just made a movie with her in the summer where my mom left, spent a month living with her and met a cool side of Carmelita who I don’t know,” commented the comedian.

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Both interpreters agreed to record the film server, a film directed by Richard Wong with Derbez as the protagonist.

When asked about his reaction to the news that Carmen Salinas was in a natural coma after weeks of working with her, Eugenio Derbez confirmed to the press that it impressed him since they created a special bond while recording the film.

“Apart from the affection we’ve always had for each other, it’s the month we just spent in Atlanta because, really, I felt like a mom, and we talked a lot about my mom on set, she told me stories about my mom and the others. I felt like my mom, and all of a sudden, from day to day Another, I found out, this was very powerful,” the 60-year-old admitted.

Eugenio Derbez also spoke about the rapprochement that occurred with the family of the 82-year-old actress, as it was announced a few weeks ago that the comedian intends to provide financial assistance to Carmelita, if necessary.

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When I found out what had happened, I spoke to my nephew, and said to him, ‘Hi, please, as much as I can help if her hospital needs to be changed, if she has to be taken to a specialist, if she has to be moved to the United States. . The United States, whatever you need, please let me know.”

A few weeks ago, Gustavo Briones, the nephew of the iconic actress, revealed that Eugenio Derbez has been communicating with him since he learned about his aunt’s health.

However, Briones denied the information that the comedian suggested that Carmen Salinas be transferred to the United States on a private plane, but confirmed that Derbez made himself available to the whole family if his desire was to change her hospital or get help with her treatment.

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Carmen Salinas’ family has not shown any intention of transferring the actress to another hospital, as they have confirmed that she is receiving good care in the clinic where she has been admitted since suffering a brain haemorrhage on November 11.

Last Tuesday, the family of actress Carmen Salinas announced Two successful medical procedures, tracheostomy and gastrostomyTo improve your health and aid the eating process.

“The surgical intervention was carried out without any complications and she is stable within the severity of her condition,” the family said in a statement.

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