Expect Dungeons and Dragons Director Netflix’s Red Alert


Rawson Marshall Thurber will be responsible for directing the eOne-produced TV series based on the popular game Dungeons and Dragons.

Rawson Marshall Thurberfilm director red alert From NetflixAnd will write and direct At least the pilot in the TV adaptation dungeons and dragons, based on the popular role-playing game franchise by Hasbro. Dungeons & Dragons (known as Dungeons and Dragons in Spain) was originally released over 45 years ago and is known as one of the best selling role-playing games of all time in the United States. Hasbro Entertainment Studio, eOne, has been developing the live TV series for over a year since the project was announced.

Previously, eOne had already hired Derek Kollstad (from franchise John Wick) to develop a series of expansion and development. The project Thurber is working on is considered to be the lead in the potential television universe of Dungeons and Dragons.

Toymaker Hasbro, which acquired eOne in 2019, intends to use its intellectual property as the basis for its television and film projects. In addition to Dungeons and Dragons, eOne is developing a TV series based on the strategy game risk with creator house of paperAnd Bo Willemon; chief executive officer Darren Thorpe It told investors in October that it was working to convert more than 30 Hasbro brands into TV and movie properties.

Due to Netflix’s current relationships with Thurber through the hit movie Red Notice (with two series in development) and to Dungeons & Dragons through the popular TV series Weird thingsThe platform is likely to try to acquire the Dungeons and Dragons TV series (and its offshoots), although other networks and platforms are also interested, according to various sources.

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