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Formula 1 has grown tremendously in recent seasons after years in which it was impossible to grow due to Mercedes’ dominance of the rest of the teams. Many fans put aside the big circus because the German team’s victories caused the Grand Prix to lack emotion on the weekends.

However, the remarkable events of the last two years have generated worldwide interest in the sport, thanks in large part to the success of the Netflix series, Formula 1: Driving to survive (“Formula 1: The Emotion of the Grand Prix” translated into Spanish).

Find out all about the 2022 Formula 1 season.

After confirming the fourth season of great work for the American platform, the company revealed the date of its first presentation, and it will be next March 11, before the start of the season in the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 20th of the same month. . the month.

In recent deliveries, the highest class of motorsports could be seen from the inside, going through moments of tension, such as those experienced by Team Haas with its drivers and boss, Gwynether Steineror with Cyril Abiteboula key person at Renault, and Christian Hornerthe Red Bull principal, but we’ve also seen moments of redemption, such as Pierre Gasly’s victories at Monza in 2020 or Sergio Perez’s victories at the Shaker Grand Prix in the same year.

This version of the documentary series, which has been a hit in countries like the United States, will narrate the entire 2021 season from inside the ring, showcasing aspects such as the first cycle of Carlos Sainz As a Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso returned to the Great Circus with an Alpine win or Chico with Red Bull in Baku.

Each year, Netflix brings together different drivers and team leaders to tell from their perspective what happened at certain times. However, world champion Max Verstappen was not involved in the scoring, as the Dutchman himself made clear during 2021, when he said he was more focused on the title fight against Lewis Hamilton.

We’ll see what the California giant might surprise us with, but it promises to continue to be one of the star options for those who want to experience the tension of Formula 1 racing.

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