Farmer with 12 wives, 102 children and 568 grandchildren decides not to have children Grupo Milenio

Farmer with 12 wives, 102 children and 568 grandchildren decides not to have children Grupo Milenio

The farmer Ugandan man Musa Hasya, 67, caused an international uproar after revealing he was indeed He does not want to continue having more children, and asks his 12 wives to take contraceptive pills to avoid the process of fertilization after having 102 children and 568 grandchildren. in that area.

The issue is, in large part, not because of the number of children he has, but because of his Its resources have already become meagerbeing able to eat very little, according to media such as The Sun.

My income has become less and less over the years “Because of the rising cost of living, my family is getting bigger and bigger,” said the farmer, who was reported by British media.

He claims that all his wives live in the same house, and this was revealed to him “It is easy for me to keep an eye on them and prevent them from escaping with other men in this city,” he said.

I married one woman after another. How does a man satisfy a woman?Detained.

Data on the number of wives, children and grandchildren of a Ugandan man has put him in different directions on social networks, where They criticized the vision of misogyny and masculinity by farms.

In Uganda, far from the controversy in other countries, polygamy is legal, but the use of contraceptives is a controversial issue, even linked to promiscuity.

As revealed the sun, the Ugandan has his eldest son 51 years old, while the youngest is 6 years old. His youngest wife, Zuleika, is 31 and the mother of 11 children.

“I will not have any more children. I have seen the bad financial situation and am now on the pillsaid the woman.

health conditions Musa Hasiah’s condition has deteriorated, so he, too, is unable to work actively. In addition, some of their wives had to leave the place due to economic conditions.

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