Opinion: Honduras – El Salvador is already boring …

Opinion: Honduras – El Salvador is already boring …

Honduran journalist Gustavo Roca asserts that, contrary to the spirit of the party, the duel between El Salvador and Honduras considers it “a pure formality”

Honduras meets again with savior And again in Los Angeles, a place that is a gold mine for both of them to make a few bucks in the midst of any financial problems that may arise.

It’s more than just a friendly game, it’s a game of pure formality. Whoever loses, nothing happens. “H” is tired of being defeated by cuscatlecos and they are looking to give Honduras another sterile hit in recent years, such as the one in a tie that served nothing more to break history and statistics.

In Honduras, praise from Hugo Pérez, DT of La Selecta, to the “H” stands out

Why a purely formal party? Well, Diego Vazquez will use the game as a training before committing, which is really one of the highlights of this double FIFA history; against Canada in Toronto.

The coach will use a lineup without a heavyweight and with players from the national scene to throw it all into the Nations League.

Of course, for us fans it is always nice to see the national representations even if the match is the most repeated in history…

May the best man win, though in the end it doesn’t matter!

Gustavo Roca is a journalist from Honduras. Image courtesy

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