FIFA World Cup every two years? FMF . believed

FIFA World Cup every two years?  FMF . believed

to the Mexican Confederation football The proposal is on the table FIFA To hold the World Cup every two years.

Fifa President Yon de Luisa commented on this: “I find it interesting and worth analyzing in depth. Those of us who have worked with (Gianni) Infantino (FIFA President), know that he is involved in calculating the comments of relevant parties.

“In FMF we will be in contact with the MX League, we will take into account the position of the clubs and players so that the calendars make sense, and the rest of the footballers are respected. But taking the World Cup for fans to double events, it will always be fun.”

For the Mexican football federation, this will increase the chances of “getting to a fifth game or even a semi-final. For the Mexican football federation, it will always be of interest”.

Regarding the 2026 World Cup, de Luisa stated that it is not in the plans of the Moroccan Football Association to ask for another venue, but is fighting for more matches and the opening, which comes along with the FIFA Congress.
“There is another place that is not in the possibilities. It has already been decided. We are not playing any more matches, the agreement is for 10 Mexico, 10 Canada and 60 for the United States. But who decides how many parties and which and where they will be, it will be Gianni Infantino.

“What we are fighting is the opening and that is in Mexico City. We meet the requirement that the Azteca stadium can accommodate more than 80,000 people. If there are three opening matches, then a good game will be the venue for the conference and we want it. The conference to be held in Mexico,” concluded de Luisa.

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