Fifteen years later, the cat has returned to its owner after being lost in the United States


Angels. A cat lost 15 years ago has been reunited, older and possibly wiser, with its owner.

Monday afternoon, brandy, A brown cat, is back to see its owner Charles, who adopted it when she was a two-month-old cat in 2005.

“Unbelievable.” Charles said Thursday, “I think it’s unimaginable.

The owner said, “I saw her, picked her up and started to purr, and she was very moving.” “It was good to be in my arms again.”

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“I started crying because I thought about all the years that I had missed her,” he said.

Brandy was found Sunday in Palmdale, about 40 miles from where Charles lives in the San Fernando Valley, in the greater Los Angeles area. United State.

The computer technician, who requested that his last name not be used, said Brandi had only been with him for a few months after she adopted her.

He commented, “He went out to the backyard in the afternoon.” But when it got dark and the man came out to bring her home, the cat was not there.

Charles drove through the streets in search of the cat, checked animal shelters and put up signs with no luck.

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“I was very sad,” he commented. “I wanted to bring her back because when I adopted her I was morally obligated to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

The man feared she would be killed by a car or a wolf.

“But I was hoping someone would take her from the streets to take care of her, and I think that’s what happened,” he said.

Charles went on with his life. Move to another place in the valley and adopt two more cats.

Then on Sunday she received a call from the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter in Palmdale and another from the company that made the fine brandy chip when it was adopted.

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Charles has changed his address and home phone number. Fortunately, however, his mobile phone was the same one that was listed on the information on the chip.

“I was skeptical.” Charles said, “I thought it must be a mistake.” He commented that he thought, “Maybe one in a million chance is brandy. But after 15 years it is very unlikely. ”

However, “I said,” Yeah, the chip won’t lie. ”

On a Monday afternoon, he went to Palmdale to find Brandy. He indicated that she was much older and very skinny.

Brandy needed a little help: she was malnourished, weighing only 2.7 kilograms.

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“She basically weighed as she did when she was a kitten,” said Charles.

His nails have grown enough to hurt his paws.

Charles suspects someone found her when she was a kitten and kept them all these years without bothering to check to see if she had an implanted chip. You think she stayed alone or ran away for several months.

But he added that it was the same calm, sensitive and gentle cat that he remembered.

Charles decided he couldn’t bring brandy into his one-bedroom apartment with his other two cats. But the cat is staying with his sister who lives close by, and he plans to visit them often.

“He doesn’t have much energy.” Charles commented, but she looks happy. “Purrs too much.”

“It seems that she is happy to be back home,” she said.


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