finds boyfriend naked with her 7-year-old daughter in her bed; run over him while trying to escape | News from Mexico

Lubbock, Texas: A woman reported this to the police after arriving at her home She found her boyfriend naked with her 7-year-old daughter in his bed. as soon as it is discovered, The man tried to run awaybut she hit him with his car to prevent him from escaping.

The events took place in Lubbock County, Texas, when The woman finds that her partner is about to sexually assault her daughterso he contacted the authorities, according to the police report on the case.

She discovers her boyfriend naked in her bed and with her daughter

The man was identified as Delmer Orlando Ortiz29 years and He was trying to escape while his girlfriend called 911“Hurry up or I’ll kill him,” she shouted loudly in the call, according to Univision mentioned.

The operator asked her if the person in question was her boyfriend, she replied “I suppose, but hurry up or I will kill him.”.

warned that The man was jumping on the fence of the house that they shared and then said he would start chasing him until He heard the noise and crying of his sonwho previously rode the car, “Please call an ambulance”The woman shouted.

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