First Seven in Fortnite launched

First Seven in Fortnite launched

the season 1 It has made many changes to the Fortnite map. These days, one of the most important of these events occurred: The appearance of missiles on the launch pad.

This place is one of the most famous spots in Fortnite Island. It is located in the archipelago to the southeast of the map. Around 8 a.m. PT, on Friday, December 24, the first rocket was seen on the platform. One of the seven gates was opened and revealed this strange artifact:

The missile only stayed in sight for two days, until He disappeared on December 26th without any event in the game. His appearance gives us clues as to what to expect for the rest of the season. It is believed that other missiles will exit the hatches throughout their duration.

The purpose of this artifact is currently unknown, but It is believed that they set off from this island towards the one in Chapter One. They could be the ones who hit the meteor during the Season X/10 end event.

end event

This change in the map is only a warning of what is about to happen. It remains only to see what the missiles are and where they are heading. Says a lot that Each artifact belongs to one of the seven. Since they recently finished announcing aspects of these in a survey conducted by the Epic Games team.

As we already know, this is a group that fights The Loop, making Battle of the Kings in Fortnite. These rockets may be part of a larger plan to end the episode and release all Fortnite players.

so be it, There is still plenty to see in this season, which will have an expiration date set in March 2022. We can only wait and see how events unfold.

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