Footballers must be persuaded to play for Mexico


Mexico Sub-20 National Team Directed by Luis Perez, announces her willingness to commit to Mexico Cupwhich will be held in Celaya, Guanajuato. Young Tricolor will face teams such as Colombia, the United States and Brazil.

joint strategic Nacional said he is happy with this type of tournament and hopes to show a good role against this type of team.

“Very happy and convinced that this kind of tournament with such teams is too empty for a young man. It is important that you live this, with enthusiasm and motivation, that they show their best version, their best work, and work to get ready to reach before the World Cup, announced video conferencing.

Perez He will strive to get the most out of the competition, since there are few moments when he can work with young people.

“I think it is very important This kind of tournament A year and a half we had no participation. Today we have this kind of tournament, which is useful to see at the international level and especially because of the times, the few moments that we have to put that identity and the model of the game that we want. We hope to continue to grow and reach World Cup qualifiers“.

Luis Perez Trust that players of two or more nationalities will convince themselves that wearing the Mexico jersey is perfect. This is the case Diego Abreu and Marcelo Flores.

“It is a team effort and these guys are convinced to defend this shirt with pride. We are convinced of the work that is being done and they have to convince themselves that the best option is the Mexican national team. We see Marcelo committed (Flores), more mature, understands the idea, we see him happy. It’s the conviction of each of them in the project that we have improved collectively and we always believe that they can move on to the first team. That’s what we want as coaches,” he explained.

Regarding the absence of Diego Abreu, who also played for the Uruguay national team, he said: “It is still being studied, we just wanted to see more names and always call those who are living their best moments. The tests were essential to follow and reflect on each one of them.”

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