For not giving him an appointment! The manicure car burned down 🎦

For not giving him an appointment!  The manicure car burned down 🎦

Some videos and conversations conducted by a woman with a nail technician have spread on social media, where the worker is threatened by the woman because she was denied an appointment.

The events took place in the United States, where a woman asked a manicurist, apparently known to her, to schedule an appointment to get her nails done, which the other denied, telling her that she already had several clients.

The woman insisted that she take care of her, but the manicurist told her that she had a busy day and that she had better come the next day, which did not seem to the woman who sent her threatening messages telling her that she was. You will regret it.

After this conversation, a security camera recorded the woman pouring gasoline on the manicurist's car, then taking out a box of matches, lighting one of them, and throwing it at the car.

The car began to burn rapidly, and the orange flames became increasingly larger and stronger, so firefighters had to be called, who spent a few hours putting out the fire.

It is not yet known whether the manicurist filed a lawsuit against the woman, but it is known that she began a campaign to buy another car after the previous one was completely destroyed.

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