For the movie: A dog that disappeared in the United States and was found in Germany

For the movie: A dog that disappeared in the United States and was found in Germany

A dog from California, USA With a plaque reading “Gilroy CA”, it was found about 10 thousand kilometers away in a “small town of GermanyAccording to a Facebook post on Monday from the Gilroy Corporation of California Police.

The story is worth the movie. “We recently received a message that this dog was found in small town in germany With a dog license from Gilroy, CaliforniaEnsures publication of the enterprise.

dog breedGolden RetrieverBy the time they found him, they saw him healthy and in good shape, without bodily harm.

Gilroy Police Foundation commented on this The dog is still in Germany.

The police in the case How was a lost dog found? which used to hold a Gilroy, California, license plate in a small German town.

One commentator, Tony Schultens Whedon wrote: “Wonderful! Great story!! Any idea how the dog ended up in Germany? TSA restrictions are very restrictive these days, so I guess he just didn’t get his passport and decided to go on a tour of Europe!”

It’s all a puzzle

Gilroy, better known as Garlic is the capital of the worldis a city of about 55,000 residents located about 35 minutes south of San Jose, California, United States.

No word yet on a possible encounter between the dog and the original owner.

In a Facebook post, Gilroy Police Foundation responded to a comment Thank you for sharing the storyin the words: “We think he went in search of some Würstchen.”

Würstchen In German it is used to invoke The hot dogs they sell on street stalls.

Beyond the joke, for this caseHowever, researchers have not yet found a logical reason to explain how the dog crossed seas and cities and ended up in the German city.

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