Forget the Joy-Con Drift forever with this solution

Forget the Joy-Con Drift forever with this solution

Gulikit makes it easy with this kit that you can replace the Joy-Con arm for your Switch and forget about Drift forever.

he Trouble drifting with joy It has been and still is one of the major problems for Nintendo Switch users. Although Nintendo has changed its policy to make free repairs even without a warranty, there is another way to end this problem: Use some Joy-Con with anti-drift sticks.

It’s not crazy, that’s exactly what the Gulikit anti-drift kit does for the Joy-Con. This solution changes the actuation mechanism of the control switches to use a magnetic solution that prevents drift from appearing as there is no friction or wear, thanks Hall effect. What makes it special? In addition to “Shield” your Joy-Con In the face of this common failure, the characteristics we review below:

  • 100% adjustable to seamlessly fit your Joy-Con.
  • Low power consumption technology.
  • Hall mechanism without contact, corrosion, or friction. Designed to be more durable and without distortion.
  • More accurate answer.
  • Replaceable stick design, easy to change if you want to use other “plugs” for your stick.

In the Gulikit official site You can see more details about this solution. It must be remembered that to use it and take advantage of its advantages, you must open the Joy-Con and this means two things: first, that Opening the remote control will void the warranty automatically; And the second, that it is necessary Handling of small parts And be very careful with the circuits and controller components.

The positive part is that it is Very easy to install kit And you don’t even need to know electronics. just follow The procedure is explained by Gulikit himself To learn how to open the controls and get to work Change your old winch to a new one and prove your drift.

If you dare to take the step, you can start to act now. your purchase Gulikit Anti-Drift Kit And after a session with screwdrivers and some patience, you’ll have your Joy-Con as if it were brand new. Better yet, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your game has it Zelda Tears Kingdom, or any other Switch game, you won’t have any problems because the stick moves on its own. This danger will disappear.

Gulikit Joystick Hall website for Joy-Con

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