Fortnite: Epic is deactivating these skins for being accused of paying to win


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Do you have a skin without limits from Fortnite: Battle Royale? We have bad news for you: You won’t be able to use it in competitive situations soon. What happens is he is accused of paying to win and Epic Games wants to avoid this inconvenience to its community.

What happens is that the Boundless Group has been accused on several occasions of paying to win. This is because it is difficult to fully detect black or white variants in certain situations. Thus there were players who took advantage of this to hide and easily hit others.

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Epic Games took action on this issue with update v15.30, which disabled the ability to use pay-to-win variants. The problem came when players discovered a way to circumvent the ban and use these skins.

We leave the evidence for this below:

Given that, Epic Games made the tough decision to completely disable the Boundless collection of skins for It is an electronic game. This will be for a limited time as the following update will fix this issue.

And you, what do you think about this situation? Do you think Epic Games has made the right decision about what happens? Tell us in the comments.

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