Francisco Arietta with 700 wins in the United States


Venezuelan jockey Francisco Arreta racked up seven hundred US horseracing victories, crossing the finish line for first place in the program’s initial race held at Oaklon Park, Arkansas, on Friday, January 14.

In fact, Criollo starred with the 4-year-old horse Satin, a brooding descendant of a stunner, born on February 10, 2018, in Kentucky and trained by Cipriano Contreras for Gumpster Stable LLC. He finished fourth at the start, moved up to third in the middle of the race, and by the time three-quarters of the competition was complete, he was already dominating the test. Once he made it to the final stage, he limited himself to tapping to end up winning by a margin of five and a quarter of the lengths. Use the time 1’46” 26 for the 1,700 metres. With another escalation, he finished two seconds, fifty-fourth place.

Statistics Leader

It was his ninth win in 2022 and 20th in the Oaklon Park meet, so he’s ahead in the stats. The racing season for the aforementioned oval ends on May 8th this year.

Arrieta got his start in 2012, when he was unwinnable in four games, and his best performance was third place. He had no campaign in 2013 and 1014. He insisted in 2015, when he first exceeded his profit target in the North American country. He was at the Meadowlands Racecourse, located in upstate New York, on October 10.

The 2016 and 2017 years were tough too, but his work and perseverance drove him forward, and since 2018 success has smiled at him and he has won 181 races. Since then it has continued to be successful.

fruitful campaign

He finished with 551 seconds and 516 thirds in 3,411 presentations, with an effectiveness of 21% on wins and 52% with a top three appearance on the board. He is currently one of the most sought-after riders in Arkansas.

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