And now this? The unknown future of Novak Djokovic after his deportation from Australia


Novak Djokovic has finished his trip to Australia. Or rather, others put an end to their trip to Australia. The reason is that he was not vaccinated against the COVID that he presented Take your visa And that, at a trial, it was decided your deportation. Now, his future, 2022, looks bad if he isn’t vaccinated.

With his 34-year-old behind and not being able to play in Australia, there are three more major tournaments ahead of him this year…but…You can only play one of them If you have not been vaccinated. Roland Garros will be in Paris, but he will not be able to play at Wimbledon nor the US Open.

The United Kingdom and the United States require full vaccination To cross the border, there are two remaining Grand Slams.

In Roland Garros, as indicated by the French Sports Minister, he will be able to play: “Protocol and health bubble of these sporting events will be allowed.”

And be very careful, because for the 1000 master it will not be left either. Three of the nine in 2022 They are in the United States, and you will not be able to enter the country if you do not have the complete how-to guide.

Also, in team tournaments, I could have played the Davis Cup but not the ATP Cup that is played in Australia.

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