Fredy Guarín presented a new work on social networks and many wondered if it was his property: it had nothing to do with sports.

Fredy Guarín presented a new work on social networks and many wondered if it was his property: it had nothing to do with sports.

Very little is known about the personal and professional life of Freddy Garen after he learned of his resignation from Millonarios due to personal issues. The last thing was a picture he posted on his Instagram stories and many of his followers mentioned it He suffers from weight problems after retiring from the capital club. Now, the midfielder who was one of the personalities of the Colombia national team in the Brazil 2014 qualifiers has surprised many of his fans with a new post on his official profile, which has more than two million followers.

The former player of Inter Milan and other clubs shared a photo on his profile stories Where he showcased a jewelry store located in Ciénaga de Oro, A municipality located in the province of Córdoba, and also wrote that it was at the opening of the said work. “They are all invited on this special day of love and friendship,” said Guarin, who took the opportunity to put together a store profile.

What caused a lot of intrigue among those who conceived the photo was that it had nothing to do with his athletic career, and instead, He left doubts as to whether “Fenix ​​Jewelry” was his pledge. It is worth noting that the native of Puerto Boyaca (Boyacá) has many projects, among which are an outstanding horse farm; In addition, he is associated with a real estate company called Glevel, which he sometimes advertises on social media. In fact, its brand is very similar to the player; This consists of his initials, like his kennel.

It is worth noting that the businessman also shared moments with his son Jacobo on his social networking sites, as a result of his relationship with model Sarah Uribe. On August 16, he posted a photo of the two of them in Medellin and wrote With the great Jacobo, I love you, son. In the caption of the photo, which reached more than 122 thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments, many highlight the physical similarity between them, especially due to the young boy’s dark complexion.

“Doesn’t mean you would have denied it.”; “Twins, God bless you”; ‘He has to play again, it’s cracked’; “Jacobo it’s your copy, a pair of very beautiful chocolates” And “The Girl with Sarita – Uribe -” is missing. There were some notable reactions.

In recent weeks, the businesswoman has indicated the love life of her ex-partner through a Q&A dynamic also on her Instagram account; During the activity, the user took the opportunity to ask, “How did you feel knowing that Freddy -Guarín- replaced you so quickly?” Respond to it without grudges and with clarity.

I think one does not replace anyone. Chimba for him is that he gets someone to feel happy with and feel good about, right? “, was the response of the businesswoman who, among other things, is on vacation in the United States, exactly in New York.

It’s worth noting that Guarín has been in a relationship for some time with Pauleth Pastrana and although they both don’t share their intimate networking moments, they seem to be at their best.

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