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Friday is finally here and if you don’t have a plan for this weekend, here are the first series that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + have brought to you.


If you are one of those really excited to announce the anthology of Batman: The World to be released in September, you are sure to love to know about it. The devilDC Comis, a comedy-based series, premiered in its fifth season on Friday.

Lucifer will move to Los Angeles, where he will open a nightclub and interact with a homicide detective. The Thirteen Seasons is already available on the broadcast platform.

But if your movie is more comedic and has a “Hollywood” feel, you can’t miss the third season Kominsky method, A series starring Michael Douglas, in which he plays a veteran actor who is dedicated to finding talent and shaping Hollywood stars. Sandy Kominsky and her friends would be nothing but traditional grandparents.

And for all who prefer documentaries, this Friday is the second season of Least Thinking Day, It reflects the life of a group of professional cyclists and the challenges, challenges and problems they face but always with their eyes set for victory.

Amazon Prime Video

panic It’s an excellent choice for this weekend if you like the action series. The plot revolves around a group of freshly graduated teenagers in a small town in the southern United States. Strange things will happen to you when you participate in an intense competition that will open the doors for you to escape from where you live, but how good is that? The series stars Olivia Welch, Mike Faist and Jessica Sola.

This Friday, Amazon is launching as well a parrot Series based on the Spanish faith with this name. The story is a critique of lowering sentences for terrorists, rapists, and murderers, or allowing their release after the abolition of parrot doctrine. This time, it is the people who decide what to do with these people and will begin to do justice in their own hands.

Disney +

You cannot miss the new version of CruellaThe evil woman who first appeared in the movie 101 Dalmatians. Starring Emma Stone, Disney introduces this character who is greedy, luxurious and overbearing.

This series reflects Cruella’s obsession with the skins of younger animals.

And if your wave is more romantic and comedic, you will definitely love to watch Season 4 of New girl Which premiered Friday on Disney +. Starring Zooey Claire Deschanel, he gives life to Jess, a young woman who moves in with three guys after a love split and falls in love with one of them. There her adventure begins.

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