Three movies from the 90s with good stories that you can watch on Netflix


By Carlos H. González

05/28/2021 – 7:46 am

The weekend has arrived and to satisfy our emotions, vent, relax or some entertainment, we go to the broadcast platforms in search of a series or movie that piques our interest.

However, the presentation of the content is so wide that we can spend hours searching for what we see. This usually happens when you are not clear about what you want. In the special case of Netflix, They have some good movie titles from the ’90s that we recommend below.

Jurassic Park

This dinosaur story is often said of the common phrase among moviegoers that “the first was the best”. And they are not really wrong. Released in 1993, the movie is about a fictional island in southern Costa Rica, created to bring dinosaurs back to life, an experience worth revisiting.

Directed by Steven SpielbergKnown as the “King of Hollywood Midas” and with the musical genius of the composer John Williams (Jaws, Home Alone, Indiana Jones, among others), this adventure movie made $ 900 million worldwide.

Hurricane Tornado

It’s been 25 years since its premiere and it was also a box office success. It cost $ 92 million and made $ 494 million worldwide.

This movie starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, Tells the story of a group of passionate meteorologists who, in the midst of their emotional troubles, are chasing tornadoes across the United States with the aim of using a team called “Dorothy”, which allows them to study hurricanes in depth.

This action-packed thriller featuring the iconic image of a flying cow, directed by Jean de Pont, best known for Speed ​​(1994), is an entertaining and visual classic for fans of natural disaster films. A little more adventurous.

Dante’s Peak or Mountain Fury

Another movie about natural disasters, released in 1997, has two good actors: Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton; His story focuses on a volcano eruption and how the protagonist’s family is affected by tragedy and he must become the hero of his family in the face of all kinds of obstacles and dangers.

100% action packed action is recommended for those seeking to enjoy that cinema which not only has action and special effects but also offers you a line of drama that you can enjoy from your TV screen, phone or any other device.

This movie and other recommended movies are worth watching on big screen and good audio player, as they enjoy good shooting, excellent work on their soundtracks and on sound composition.

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