From Mazatlan stages, Manolo Diaz’s work lands in New York


Deer Season, a work by Manolo Diaz, crosses the boundaries and reaches New York, where it will be part of Cimientos 21 Festival, which consists of 10 texts by playwrights from around the world; Playwright Mazatlan is the only Mexican.

It will be this work by Manolo Diaz that concludes this festival, which is scheduled from 1 to 6 June this year. Although this festival was to be held in person, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, plans have been changed and it will be broadcast on Facebook Live and Zoom, which will allow the audience in this country to watch it.

“I’ve always wanted to go to New York, and I still wanted to, but with the script selection, I knew there was a possibility to go. Even though I wouldn’t be there physically, I’m excited to know that my words are leaving Mexico this year, which is a tough year to win. Miles.I think “Ciervos” is a text that talks a lot about “Mexican”, which is why I wanted this text to be the text that came from Mexico, Sinaloa, and the neighborhood. Oddly enough, the other selected authors said that “Deer Season” ended up being a work Very cosmopolitan as well as vertigo, “said Manolo Diaz in a phone interview with Norwest.

Diaz stressed that during the first meeting with the selected authors and with the organizers, he felt very self-conscious. Well, I was in the same choice and meeting with Julia Pascal, “Famous Author and Director from UK”, Luis Miguel who works in TV and theater in Spain; Vindas “A young author who visited different parts of the world”, among other designs from different parts of the world.

He said: “Made from Russia, Germany, the United States and Uganda, and I was just Mazatlan as it was more international than an honor from a university in Barcelona to make robots that invent humans.”

For deer season to be one of the ten chosen, Diaz signed up for a call, sent by a friend who works for the Greek Cultural Center.

“According to Guillermo Severe, who is part of the organizers, more than 400 texts came from different parts of the world, and they could be English or Spanish texts, and among those who chose 10 to participate in the festival.”

Manolo explained that for a little over two months they had online text reading sessions between the authors. The dynamics of the festival will be that a theatrical reading of each work will take place, which is almost like a montage, “There is a director, a group of actors, a lineup and an interpretation, but the actors depend on the script, they don’t memorize it.”

Deer Season will be presented with Wajtacha from Spain; Said Kalallah in France, from the United Kingdom; Dharma from the United States. Mukti from Russia, what color is rain? From Costa Rica. When this body hurts it is just a house from Germany; The lost daughter from Uganda. They both dream of fresh and spicy Spanish, and both are from the United States.

The Works of Diaz

Manolo Diaz has three published works, “Ojo de res” and “We will always have Dallas”, both written by Universidad Veracruzana in Tramoya’s playbook. And “Aviones” at Tierra Adentro’s Grotto XVII Theater. He also has a show called “Duck Season” which opens this month in Morelia, Michoacan.

The actor also has a group called Los Pata Salada, with whom he has introduced Very long article For a four-stringed song, in the latest release of a local theatrical show.

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