Fun dance for orphan children from Uganda that will delight your soul


Although their lives were not easy while they were living in poverty, A group of orphaned children in Uganda shows that they do not need anything to be happy. Cross account Masaka children, On Instagram and YouTube, As an NGO responsible for taking care of them, you can see how they smile at their best through music and dance.

The volunteers in this non-governmental organization not only provide them with food, clothes, education and healthcare. They also taught them to dance, a talent they already carry in their veins and that is reflected when it comes to movement.

Children of all ages, They learn the choreography perfectly and for many their vision is a cure for the soul, They spread their joy through their smile.

You don’t even need shoes to get to the rhythm of the music, They dedicate themselves only to enjoying the dance they turned into an antidote to grief.

Their beautiful dances get thousands of views on social networks and their community is growing.. So far they have over 1 million followers on Instagram, and over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and They even have a Spotify music album.

One of their most famous dances is the one that they did for the song “Que pull pa” lante “by Daddy Yankee” and “Black Parade” by Beyoncé. But the one who moves the most in the networks is the one who does the subject ‘Jerusalem’.

Are you ready to get excited about these little ones?

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