Fun musical parodies of ‘Don’t Talk About Jada’ Pinkett, inspired by the hit movie ‘Charm’

Fun musical parodies of ‘Don’t Talk About Jada’ Pinkett, inspired by the hit movie ‘Charm’

And theWill Smith’s smack of Chris Rock has already been commented on in all the important groups of our country: Anna Rosa, Public Mirror, Zabiando, El Hormijiro … Of course, television’s most logically exciting moment came from the phenomenon’s home country, It is the United States.

There is a popular announcer James Corden set up a table with several collaborators, where they had time to analyze and joke about the last minute about the Oscars. As expected, they also had time to talk In the controversial scene of Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and Chris Rock. those, In an amazing way…

At one point on The Late Night Show with James Corden, comedian and hilarious actor, also known for his famous performance of “Carpool Karaoke” alongside famous personalities, They set out to perform a parody of “Don’t Talk About Jada” inspired by the success of “Encanto”Which clearly indicates the huge controversy surrounding the Oscars.

What the ‘No Jada Talks About’ parody is about

Just like in the original song, The song “No se Habla de Jada” follows the same musical rule heard at BSO for “Encanto”Awtar is very well known all over the world, as it is a global hit with more than 300 million streams on digital platforms.

In terms of lyrics, crazy James Corden always suggests some hilarious lines like this:

Beyoncé broke it with ‘Be Alive’,

Timothy Chalamet taught a lot of meat,

There was nothing that could kill this feeling,

Then Chris Rock came to present an award but…

There is no talk of Jada, no, no, no… There is no talk of Jada.”

And what is undoubtedly funny is the moment when, on the beat of this last verse, They show some pictures of Will Smith during the party doing a denial gesture with his hands.

Very well played, James Corden and co. It’s already becoming clear, at the 2023 Oscars… There is no mention of a stump!

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