Game Pass takes a hit on the new PS Plus

Game Pass takes a hit on the new PS Plus

As you already know, Sony Uncover what’s new PlayStation Plus A few weeks ago for sureand comparisons with Xbox GamePass They allowed themselves to come up with everything. The truth is that both services share many similarities, but the big difference is that PS Plus Premium Will not provide exclusive games for PS5 On the same day it was launched, which is what it serves Microsoft Yes it is.

To remind its users of this very topic, the official account of Xbox GamePass at Twitter Share a post that highlights exactly this, as well as some of the other benefits this subscription has to offer.


Interestingly, this tweet was shared on the same day Sony Announce new categories of PSplus, so it was clearly a direct blow to the competition. Obviously, this won’t change anything within the Japanese company’s plans, but we know these comments are usually just for fun.

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Publisher’s note: And yes, Sony can’t compete directly with Microsoft on the subject of Game Pass and Day One releases. It will be a matter of time to know exactly how many benefits PS Plus Premium offers, and whether or not it is worth it.

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