Gina Ortega after “Merlina”: the new “look” she adopted in “Scream 6” | Skip intro

Gina Ortega after “Merlina”: the new “look” she adopted in “Scream 6” |  Skip intro

Following the success of the premiere of the Netflix series ‘Merlina’ based on the daughter of the Addams family actress He did not stop his acting career in Hollywood. This is how he prepares for the next release of the new horror movie.″, which is scheduled for early March.

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For this film project, the American interpreter decided to make a change of “appearance” and move away from Merlina Addams. In the trailer for the sixth installment of “Scream”, Jenna Ortega can be seen with long, loose hair; Although he chose to keep the fence.

(Image: Paramount Pictures)

In another preview of the thriller directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olbin and Tyler Gillette, Ortega is shown with her hair up, as she tries to escape – again – from the killer Ghostface during her stay in New York (USA).

(Image: Paramount Pictures)

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

It should be remembered that Jenna returns to the famous saga with “Scream 6”. The actress played Tara Carpenter in 2022’s “Scream” and is now reprising the role, which will be more developed in the part, she admitted. She also confirmed that she was excited to be able to bring more personality to the character, as she had not had a chance in the previous project.

What is “Scream 6” about?

The new movie in the “Scream” saga will be a continuation of the events that occurred in the fifth part, which was released in 2022. In this way, we will see what happened to the souls of the four survivors of that movie, including the sisters. Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega).

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

(Image: Paramount Pictures)

They are the ones who leave Woodsboro to live in New York and get away from all the trouble caused by the Ghostface murders. Although the latter would be a difficult task.

Jenna Ortega herself confirmed that this sixth episode of the “Scream” saga will be even bloodier and have “the wildest ghost face we’ve ever seen.”

When is it released in theatres?

The new movie “Scream 6” is scheduled to be shown in theaters in the United States next Friday, March 10th. Meanwhile, in Peru, the tape will be available in theaters from Thursday, March 9th. Cineplanet and Cinemark have confirmed that the film will be released in our country on the specified date.

When does the broadcast come?

The new movie, “Scream 6,” is being distributed by the Paramount studio, so it’s likely that the movie will be available on the Paramount+ service after it passes through theaters; Although there is no official confirmation yet.

It should be noted that the first three films and the fifth installment of the “Scream” saga are available via Paramount +, while “Scream 4” is available on Amazon Prime Video.

"scream 6" (Image: Paramount Pictures)

“Scream 6” (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Who are in the cast?

Starring “Scream 6” led by American actress Gina Ortega and Mexican Melissa Barrera. They will be joined by Courteney Cox and Jasmine Savoy-Brown in the film.

This is the full list of actors for “Scream 6”:

  • Jenna Ortega Like Tara Carpenter
  • Melissa Barrera Like Sam Carpenter
  • Jasmine Savoy Brown Like Mindy Mix Martin
  • Courteney Cox Like Gale Withers
  • Hayden Panettiere Like Kirby Red
  • Mason Gooding Like Chad Mix Martin

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