Goal 17. The Other Way Film Festival concludes its seventh edition with the attendance of 12,000 people


Film festival in another way, Reference Festival Day sustainable progress, closed its seventh edition yesterday by more than 12,000 spectators and participants in its activities, which is a file increase engagement Compared to last year. This year, the mixed format (face-to-face and online) that took place in October 21-28 In the following locations: Cineteca Madrid, Cines Golem Madrid, Filmoteca Española, Sala Equis, Institut français de Madrid, mk2 Cine Paz, online festival platform and Filmin. In addition, the inauguration was celebrated in A Simultaneously in 10 Spanish cities.

Under the slogan “Let’s collect our hopes” Table 37 titles Divided into documentaries, feature films and short films On topics such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and the relationship between humans and other species.

“We are very grateful for the loyalty of our fans. This has been the year when we have all begun to emerge from the emotional consequences of the pandemic. It is a great honor to continue to be part of Madrid’s packed and interesting cultural agenda, and this is undoubtedly happening thanks to the confidence of the public that continues to , year after year, betting on the Other Way Film Festival, in this version in order to unite their hopes for a better world”, says Marta García Lario, festival director. “Through this initiative we feel that we can help citizens to be more active, out of optimism and hope, on an urgent issue like the climate crisis.”

Of these titles, 17 documentaries (official and impact section) entered the competition They can be seen in Cineteca Madrid, Cines Golem Madrid, the festival’s online platform, and Filmin. as they were detained Eight activities Collimated, face-to-face and online, such as Training for Committed Filmmakers, SANNAS Harvest, Experimental, Collaborative and Personal Care Workshops; Activities for children and the whole family.

Palmaris another way 2021

the film Pink Indian vs Invisible Beast by Thiago Carvalhothat competed in the official section and had a National premiere Within the framework of the festival, she won The Odyssey of the Jury prize of €3,500. The documentary contains unpublished archival material by Brazilian physician Noel Notells in which he denounced the massacre of indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon region from the 1940s to the 1970s.

for his part animal by Cyril Dion, very National premiere At The Other Way Film Festival, it was awarded A special note from the jury. Through an extraordinary journey starring two teenagers, the film shows us how all genres are inextricably linked and how we preserve ourselves by preserving them.

The The jury for this seventh edition It consisted of Jimena AhrensburgDirector of Programming for the Odisia Documentary Channel. BochoSinger Vitusta Morla. And Christina Aparicio, journalist at Cayman Film Reference Magazine.

The other ten nicknames Compete in this seventh edition for the jury award In the official section they were: Dear children of the future, become Cousteau, how do you kill a cloud, tiger mafia, school of hope, bubble, animal, erica, panteras And edge of existence.

The Audience Award employment Official Section have relapsed Dear future children de Franz Bohm, who had it National premiere at the festival. Through his camera, the director depicts the struggle of three young activists working to change injustice in different parts of the world: Hong Kong, Chile and Uganda.

On the other hand, in Impact department The winning movie Audience Award had to water lords by Jerome Frittel. The film focuses on how demand for water is rising around the world and how major financiers are investing in ‘blue gold’. In both cases, the award consisted of a AEDRA environment notebook, Made of stone paper.

During the conclusion, the winning works of the fifth edition of the short film competition were revealed “roll for change”, in this edition focused on national talent sponsored by lotus; The selected text of the call”texts for change, sponsored by El Gatoverde Productions To promote the development of audiovisual projects focused on sustainability.

. winning works “roll for change” It has been: Journey to Earth by Ignacio RodoJury Prize (400 euros); And vizo Written by Manuel Sanchez Syed and Sarah Oleros, Audience Award (200 euros).

In this edition, the jury was made up of Doki flowersAnd Instagram promotes a healthy, conscious life; Javier Godoy, founder and director of REDRUM Cinema; And Vika Duran, Directora del Festival Conofest, International (Short) Film Festival.

On the other hand, the winning text of Texts for Change The documentary was no one kids By Enrique Rampal supplied with 2000 euros to develop your text, a Specialized guidance by screenwriter and film director Jaime Bartolome, and digital strategy A custom value of €1,000 by RosssCammm.

Sponsors and Collaborators

The seventh edition of The Other Way Film Festival had her institutional support The Ministry of Culture (ICAA) and the Community of Madrid, and institutional care From the Madrid City Film Office and Care Documentary channel Odisia, Signus Ecovalor, Gosuac, El Gatoverde Producciones and Institut français.

He was collaborators: Film Madrid, Greenpeace, Arab House, World Changing Fiction, Tigirides, Yoga Live, Screen, Echo Event, Sirocco 2, Mariela Mughnani, Real Age, Human Conflict Transformation Center, SNAS, MK2 Cine Buzz, AED, Ross Cam A sustainable landscape, WWF, DOCMA, Impact Hub Madrid, Festival Cine por Mujeres and Conofest.

And Collaborating media: EFE Verde, Ethic, Yorokobu, El Asombrario, La marea, Climática, Corresponsables, Sustainable City, Ecogestiona Radio program, El Guadarramista, The Social good, All that glitters is not the cinema, Moobys and Le Cool.

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