Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cougar Gymnastics

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cougar Gymnastics

Guadalajara. – Artistic gymnastics auriazul party. UNAM gymnasts stuck one gold, three silver, and eight bronze at the 2022 National Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

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Andrea Oyanguren Bejarano, a student at the College of Engineering, was the leading Oriazole player at the event. A national artistic gymnastics champion was crowned the gold medal all-around.

The result is significant because the winner of this individual competition is determined by her performance on all equipment: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor.

A total of twelve medals were Yunam’s harvest

The cougar athlete outperformed 49 gymnasts from different states of the country.

Well-known champion Oyanguren Bejarano, who also took a bronze medal in a horse vaulting test.

“I felt that all the work done during the pandemic was paying off. In the competition where I gave my best, when I was selected in first place I was filled with happiness and pride, people started singing Goya and I got goosebumps. It was very nice.”

More metals for artistic gymnastics auriazul

Sofia Alvarez-Gálvez, a gymnast from the Onam University Gymnastics Extension Tournament, has competed in Level 10, Class B, and has stood on the podium five times, winning two silver medals in vault and balance beam, three bronze medals on uneven bars, floor and all. Around.

On the other hand, in Level 9, Class A, Maria José Santizo Fuentes, also a student of the UNAM Gymnastics Extension Course, won the bronze medal in the horse vaulting test.

Similarly, Edgar Omar Hernandez Sosa won the silver in the pommel horse, and Raúl Martinez Alberto took the bronze on the floor.

For Lorena Galán Escajadillo, women’s artistic gymnastics coach, it’s an honor to mentor these college boys.

“It’s a real honour, we know how difficult it is to be a student-athlete, especially in a major that is such an early start, so it’s an honor to see them make an effort, day in and day out, to lead their academic life hand in hand with training. We are very happy with the results” .

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