Gonzalo Higuain visited River during pre-season in Orlando: spoke with Marcelo Gallardo and presented a gift T-shirt

The Inter Miami striker received a gift shirt and stood with Francescoli, Perez and Gallardo (RiverPlate)

River Plate It is currently presetting in United State. With a return date set for July 5, the campus is taking advantage of the great facilities at The wide world of sports ESPN To prepare physically and face the second half of the year in the best possible way. During the first period of Tuesday’s training, The millionaire He was visited by one of the top strikers who appeared in the lower ranks of the club.

Gonzalo Higuain, the current football player Inter Miami from Football League Mayor, went on to say hello to River practice and shared a warm moment with several of the current team members. In addition, they gave him the last shirt with the number 9 on it and the “Higuaín” stamp on the back. At the beginning of the year, the scorer revealed that the chances of playing again for Nunez’s side had already ended and that he was happy to represent an organization David Beckham.

. official accounts millionaire They posted several photos and a comment about the guest: “One of the gems of River Plate’s lower divisions and currently working for MLS, was visiting the pool where River does pre-season work. The player, who is also one of River Philosophy’s ambassadors abroad, took the opportunity to chat with D’Onofrio, Francescoli, Gallardo and the players. In addition, Adrian Varela (Head of International Relations) gifted him a new sacred cloak with his name and a 9 on the back.”

El Pipita shared a warm conversation with Marcelo Gallardo in Orlando (@RiverPlate)
El Pipita shared a warm conversation with Marcelo Gallardo in Orlando (@RiverPlate)

River Plate Find some teams against the clock for friendly matches On North American soil after having to cancel the three preparatory matches scheduled against Barcelona from Ecuador (there were two) and America from Cali, due to various problems that both teams had to travel to that country.

At the moment, the following official commitments to millionaire It was agreed on July 14 and 21 that they will clash حيث Argentinos Juniors The Round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The first leg will be in the stadium hugeAnd the While everything will be defined in Diego Armando Maradona by La Paternal. It is worth remembering that Animal Which took first place in the sixth group, where it was left behind catholic university from chile, National from Uruguay and National Sports from Colombia.

Forward in conversation with Javier Pinola and German Lux (RiverPlate)
Forward in conversation with Javier Pinola and German Lux (RiverPlate)
Rodolfo D'Onofrio didn't miss a photo opportunity either (RiverPlate)
Rodolfo D’Onofrio didn’t miss a photo opportunity either (RiverPlate)

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