Google Maps begins to receive one of the most anticipated functions

Google Maps begins to receive one of the most anticipated functions

A user shared the first screenshots of this app’s “sweep view” on the Google Maps subreddit, which allows you to see cities like London or Berlin.

Google Maps app on your Android phone

A Google app that has become Necessary for a large number of users of Android mobile devices It’s Google Maps and that’s why Mountain View keeps improving its Maps app with new functionality like a series of co-location improvements or the ability to open Google Maps on your mobile phone while using Android Auto in the car.

But, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated functions is the so-called “immersive display”, a feature It was announced at last Google I/O 2022 And this is now, as Assure us from 9to5GoogleAnd Start reaching early adopters.

Google Maps ‘global view’ is now a reality

Reddit user Vegetable_Book_8493 He shared on the Google Maps subreddit some screenshots of his Android phone where You can see the “global view” of the Google Maps app in action.

In these images, on which we leave you in these lines, you can see cities such as London or Berlin in a different way, such as the “stereoscopic mode” of Google Maps It mixes views of the city’s most scenic sites and landmarks with suggestions for places you should know or visit With interior views of some of the buildings, such as the restaurants.

As you can see in these screenshots, when Google Maps Global View is active, a slider is displayed at the bottom of the app It allows you to set the time and visualize what the area looks like as the day progresses and as the weather changes.

An interesting fact provided by user Vegetable_Book_8493 is that after using the “immersive view” of Google Maps For 30 minutes, use up a total of 2GB of your data ratewhich indicates that it is not recommended to use this feature if you have few gigabytes available or if you do not have unlimited data.

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